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One of the World’s Greatest Hypercar Collections Takes Delivery of Rimac Nevera

One of the World’s Greatest Hypercar Collections Takes Delivery of Rimac Nevera

As examples of the next-generation Rimac Nevera all-electric hypercar continue to be manufactured in Rimac’s headquarters close to Zagreb, Croatia, one of the greatest hypercar collections in the world has just taken delivery of its highly personalized example.

Managed through Rimac’s partner in California, O’Gara Coach, The Hamilton Collection now counts a striking Purple Haze pearlescent painted Nevera, with a Jet Black stripe, among its line-up of the most incredible performance cars in the world.

Founded by Steve Hamilton of SD Wheel, the Hamilton Collection’s mission is to help others in any way it can. The cars are put to use by taking them out to charity events to help spread awareness or raise money for important causes, and Steve remains committed to continuing to let car enthusiasts of all ages enjoy the vehicles.

Working with the Rimac team in Croatia, Steve and his team settled on the final spec of Purple Haze and Jet Black, with a ‘Technical Revolution’ livery and a Level 2 carbon fiber pack, finished in gloss. The interior is finished in full Alcantara in black, with fluorescent green stitching and lime green Alcantara accents.

"Steve and I have been car enthusiasts for as long as we can remember, and we’ve both built automotive businesses up against the odds. I’ve been watching the Hamilton Collection grow for years, and it’s an honor to see the Nevera become a part of it. The thing about it though is Steve doesn’t really see it as his collection, but something that he shares with as many people as possible. And it’s a great feeling knowing that our car can be a part of that mission within the Hamilton Collection.”

Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac

Founder and CEO of Rimac Group

The Nevera, with its in-house-developed technology, represents the pinnacle of hypercar performance. Having set over twenty performance world records in just one year, including the production EV Nürburgring track record, as well as the Goodwood hill climb production car record, the Nevera became the world’s quickest production car and is testament to the brand's commitment to creating a new era of automotive performance.

“Mate and I love to drive and we also love to share our passion for cars with the world. I could tell from the first moment I got behind the wheel of the Nevera that it had to form a part of the collection. It’s unlike anything else, carefully tuned to not just be fast but also great to drive. We went bold with the spec of the car, but I’m so happy with how it turned out, and it’s going to be a huge draw at our events and in our videos – I can’t wait to see people’s reactions.

Steve Hamilton

founder of The Hamilton Collection

About Rimac Automobili

Rimac Automobili is one part of the world’s ultimate hypercar company, Bugatti Rimac. With Rimac Group as its majority shareholder, Bugatti Rimac brings together Rimac’s distinctive agility, technical expertise and relentless innovation in the EV sphere, with Bugatti’s 115-year heritage of design and engineering some of the world’s most iconic hypercars. Founded in 2009 by Mate Rimac, the Rimac Automobili brand created the world’s first all-electric hypercar, the Concept_One, in 2011. Fast forward to 2021, Rimac unveiled its next-generation all-electric hypercar – the Nevera, which has since set over 27 world performance records. Rimac Automobili’s global headquarters is at the Rimac Group’s current base on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia. In time it will transition to the €200M, 200.000m2 Rimac Campus, also serving as the home of Rimac Technology.

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