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New ‘Voltron Nevera Powered by Rimac’ Ride Opens at Europa-Park

New ‘Voltron Nevera Powered by Rimac’ Ride Opens at Europa-Park

When the largest amusement park in Germany, Europa-Park, began construction on its new ‘Croatia’ area, it found inspiration in Rimac hypercars and technology for their new record-breaking rollercoaster as its centerpiece: the Voltron Nevera Powered by Rimac. Now, this multi-launch new ride is open to Europa-Park visitors, sweeping through replicated Croatian landscapes and telling the story of one of Mate Rimac’s greatest inspirations and countrymen, Nikola Tesla.

Just like the Rimac Nevera hypercar, the new rollercoaster is a world record-breaker, featuring the steepest launch angle of any coaster, at 105 degrees. It also features four periods of catapult-like acceleration up to 90kph, including one backwards launch, taking riders through seven inversions with 2.2 seconds of continued weightlessness.

Spanning 1,385 meters, 'Voltron Nevera' integrates into a meticulously crafted Croatian landscape, complete with natural elements such as limestone and an 800-year-old olive tree. The beautiful historic Adriatic town of Hvar, provided inspiration for the design, providing an authentic backdrop for the ride’s story, conceived by MACK Magic, honoring the legacy of inventor Nikola Tesla.

During the ride, inspired by a nevera storm – found off the Adriatic coast, and characterised by their appearance, ferocity and charged lighting – Nikola Tesla is inspired to create the ‘Voltron’ to transport people as pure energy between the attraction’s two prominent Voltron towers. Rimac’s technology provides the short-burst, powerful slingshots that aim to recreate the feeling for visitors.

Constructed over two years, this MACK Rides creation showcases the collaborative effort of the MACK Group, offering a comprehensive and immersive adventure. The creative expertise of Europa-Park has culminated in an attraction that combines thrilling rides, atmospheric design, and educational storytelling.

The driving forces behind the collaboration between Europa-Park and Rimac, Mate Rimac and Michael Mack, are two key figures of entrepreneurial spirit. Mate Rimac's career has led him to create a globally renowned business valued at more than 2bn Euros, headquartered near to Zagreb, Croatia Similarly, son of Europa-Park’s founder Roland Mack, Michal Mack's dedication and vision have been instrumental in shaping the park's success. His wife, Miriam Mack, is from Croatia and her heritage has provided another source of inspiration for the new themed area.

Alongside 'Voltron Nevera', the Croatian themed area of Europa-Park introduces 'Sunce i Lavanda', an ice cream parlor offering a variety of flavors. The 'Suveniri Nikola' shop presents Croatian-themed souvenirs alongside other park-related products, while the Ćevapčići snack spot serves regional delicacies. The educational exhibition 'Croatian Inspiration' and the 360-degree cinematic experience 'Nikola Tesla’s Beautiful Croatia' in the Dome of Dreams are also part of the new offering, enriching visitors' knowledge of Croatia’s cultural and scientific contributions.

“Croatia has been a core part of the Rimac Group story throughout. Our headquarters is on the outskirts of Zagreb, with our new Campus and other construction projects to support our future growth. Our Nevera hypercar also subtly celebrates its heritage, not just in its name, but also in its ‘cravat’ styling features – a symbol of Croatia. So, for us to be involved in the creation of one of the most exciting rollercoasters in Europe right now, hosted within a whole area dedicated to our home country and paying homage to one of my greatest inspirations is a real honor. I hope what we’ve helped to create continues to build Croatia’s stature on the global stage, and also gives Europa-Park’s many visitors a taste of the incredible performance of our Nevera hypercar.”

Mate Rimac

Mate Rimac

Founder and CEO of Rimac Group

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