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Greyp On Tour

Greyp On Tour

He has planned a very detailed route that will take him trough 5548 kilometers and 9 countries in 45 days.

Hrvoje will test the Greyp through the Alps, which is the first and most difficult part of the whole route. The route also passes through the beautiful “Route Champagne” and “Canal des Deux Mers” – both of which offer amazing landscapes and difficult terrains.

Hrvoje has reviled the reasons why this route has grown to his heart: “The routhe is similar to the one I passed two years ago on my bicycle when I drove nearly 7,000 km through Europe. I'll be glad to see some of the people I met at that time again. However, I would highlight the Alps, because driving through them is something astonishing – a experience that will be even more astonishing with the Greyp G12 as I will be able to sweat less and enjoy more.”

Greyp Bikes, a Rimac Automobili daughter company, has one very important goal – to test the long-term reliability of the Greyp G12 in all weather conditions trough this very demanding journey. The Greyp G12 is designed from the ground up to combine the best of both worlds – motorcycles and bicycles. It is a bicycle when you want it, or a motorcycle when you need it. With stunning performance for an electric bike – 65 km/h top speed and a range of up to 120km without pedaling, you will enjoy riding with Greyp. It can easily be recharged from 0 to 100 percent in only 80 minutes – from a standard 220V outlet, which will give Hrvoje the opportunity to recharge his bike several times per day so that he can cover long distances on a daily bases.

Mate Rimac, CEO and co-founder of Greyp Bikes and Rimac Automobili elaborates: “When Hrvoje approached us we were in the process of searching for independent test drivers for long-term tests of the Greyp G12. I thought that there was no better way to truly test the Greyp G12 to its limits so we have chosen to support Hrvoje’s journey. Long distances, hills, flats, rain, sun, every day charging and discharging – the perfect challenge. Hrvoje will keep track of his journey and provide invaluable data for us, which will help us to make even better products.”

Before starting this European tour, Hrvoje had a chance to get to know the Greyp G12. His impression is promising: “For three years I was riding my bicycles across Europe, each year about 15.000 km, all with muscle power alone. This is going to be a new experience. The Greyp G12 is a very powerful and sophisticated machine – to the last detail. Also, I am surprised with the stability and how easy it is to manage. I prefer to ride in the “ECO mode”. With an average speed of 40 km/h I manage to cover around 80 km with all my heavy baggage on the bike. Riding the Greyp is a completely new and amazing experience that takes my journey to a completely new level. I’m extremely excited to be part of such a revolutionary project.”

Hrvoje Jurić and Greyp Bikes will give updates about his journey on a daily basis on their Facebook sites:



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