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Bugatti Rimac hiring over 50 new technicians for its paint shop

Bugatti Rimac hiring over 50 new technicians for its paint shop

Candidates will have the opportunity to train as painting technicians at the Bugatti Rimac Painting Academy, with training lasting between five and nine months.

Bugatti Rimac plans to hire more than 50 new employees in the next six months in the paint shop at the new Rimac Campus near Zagreb. 

The new employees will join the existing team of 26 experts and, upon completing their training, will participate in the production of current and future Rimac and Bugatti models. Given the highly specialized nature of the profession, Bugatti Rimac is launching a Painting Academy to train interested candidates for work in the hypercar paint shop, which is unique due to the materials primarily used in hypercar manufacturing - carbon fibers. The expanded team will begin work at the Rimac Campus next year in a modern painting facility spanning over 2,000 m², where parts of the hypercar body and interior (both also produced at the Rimac Campus) will be painted.

The company is looking for painting technicians in three categories of work processes – preparation, painting, and polishing – and the tasks of the new employees will be determined upon completion of training and depending on their specialization. Candidates with or without experience in painting and preparation are being considered for employment, and depending on their level of experience, they will receive training as part of the Bugatti Rimac Painting Academy. Candidates with experience in automotive painting are preferred, while other potential candidates with technical backgrounds and interests are also desirable due to the specificity of the job. 

The Bugatti Rimac Painting Academy for painting technicians begins with basic theoretical and practical training. Over the course of the training program, participants will become familiar with all activities within the paint shop, after which they will continue with more specialized training in preparation, polishing, or painting. Then, during a mentorship period, participants will begin working full-time on serial automotive parts under the guidance of their mentors until they acquire all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience for appropriate job placement and independent work. 

The training program lasts between five to nine months, depending on existing skill level, area of specialization, and the level of skills acquired during the program. Trainees are officially employed and receive a salary during the course of the program. After completing the training, participants will be familiar with the necessary theory and practice of preparing, painting, and polishing Bugatti and Rimac cars. They will learn how to use manual and electric tools and understand safety and protection procedures according to industry standards. 

Bugatti Rimac offers potential employees a permanent employment contract, private health insurance, transportation allowance, a minimum of 25 days of annual leave, a relaxation zone, fresh fruit and healthy snacks, and discounts for shopping, travel, and entertainment. The standard workweek is five days. All employees also have the opportunity for career development and advancement, meaning that a trainee in the paint shop can, with enough work and effort, advance several levels up to the position of department coordinator. 

Interested individuals can find more information about these open positions on Bugatti Rimac’s careers website and apply for the job that best suits their experience and skills:



About Rimac Group

The Rimac Group, led by CEO Mate Rimac, is majority shareholder of Bugatti Rimac and the sole stakeholder of Rimac Technology. The Group brings together the most advanced hypercars in the world with a globally renowned team developing high performance electrification, autonomous and software solutions for the world’s largest OEMs. Rimac is based on the outskirts of Zagreb, Croatia, with locations around Europe, and currently employs more than 2,000 people. In future, the Rimac Group will be headquartered at a new state-of-the-art 200,000 m2 Rimac Campus, large enough to accommodate over 2,500 people.